Get set up the right way.

Modern firearms and shooting methods bring new levels of accuracy but require the right setup and correct technique.
Let us get you started off right and skip the frustration and uncertainty.

More shooting, less stuffing around.


Hi Kerry thank you for sorting rifle. Just been out shooting steel to 500yards to confirm drop chart. Rifle and scope did what I asked and is shooting better than ever. This is a great service you do. Bring on the Deer!



Hey mate, thought you might like to know – Smoked a goat at exactly 500 metres in a 20k crosswind. Also, my mate dropped a fallow with a neck shot at 200m too. I had tested the day before at 100m with 3 shots right beside each other right under the bull, including the cold shot. Thanks again for the setup, it’s brilliant being able to trust your gun.


A must!

The rifle set up course is a must! I don’t think it matters what level of experience you have, you will walk away learning something new!
Not to mention, ringing steel at distance is an awesome feeling!



…flew into the Mohaka last weekend chasing Sika and albeit I didn’t get anything up close bush hunting I managed two longer shots from an elevated position to bag two nice sika one at 296m and the other at 307m so stocked with the set up


Right on Target

Great day working out the ballistics and stretching the legs to 550 metres. 9 out of 10 shots right on target even with a crosswind. Thanks again Kerry.


I felt the course is invaluable, he is offering something that most dealers are reluctant to help with. If you don’t have access to a Chrono or Distance to stretch your legs, how can you confidently hunt at any distance with a new rifle!


Wanted to get the most from my rifle… Kerry made that happen. Gained an unbelievable amount of valuable information, that I believe cannot be beaten for the money.
Absolutely stoked. Easy to deal with, he possesses a wealth of knowledge that would you would be hard-pressed to find in anybody. Let alone somebody who shares it so willingly! I will recommend his services to all of my mates, he can expect many more of the lads to be headed his way after this!

Well worthwhile

Great for the inexperienced and those looking to refine their skills, easy-going, no pressure & plenty of time for feedback and implementing changes to your technique. Well worthwhile.

Get started right

Firearm Setup and Training

From setting up a new rifle, through to shooting of unconventional positions, developing ballistic drop charts and beyond - we can help out.

Years of shooting, learning, studying and documenting, and it's all available for you to take advantage of. Get in touch, let us know how we can help, or look at some of our services below.

How can we help?

Advice and supply of a new firearm, getting it set up, getting out and shooting it - we can help.

Rifle supply and setup

From calibre, right through to scope and accessories - we put all our experience into an optimised rifle - all setup and ready to shoot for your next hunt or competition.

Precision Rifle 101

The basics - learn all about modern marksman mechanics - you, your gear and how they work together. Walk away ready to stretch the legs on your next trip.

Advanced Courses

Get up off the stomach and learn to shoot for alternative positions, supports, speed drills and much much more. Go beyond the range and become a marksman.

Upcoming Events

Nov 17
Dec 11

PRECISION SHOOTER 101 – Precision Rifle Course

December 11 @ 7:00 pm - December 13 @ 2:00 pm

Private Courses

Private instruction is available for beginner as well as advanced levels. Up to four people can attend a private training session for the same price.

We work with individuals to cater the course to their needs and wants. Focusing on areas they want to improve, or simply having a day out shooting with some mates - we can put something together just for you.


I have been researching and writing articles for many years now. It started as a way of documenting what I was learning and sharing that with others.
Now, some of them are used as reference documents in some very supprising places.

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