Welcome back!

For some of you, especially those who have previously attended one of our competitions – the wait is finally over!

Precision Shooter was originally an offshoot of The Bloke – focused more on the practical field shooting side of things.

This time around – it’s similar – basically providing us with a home base for shooting competitions and related events.

There are several small competitions starting up, and this is a bit of an aggregate site to bring some of that information together, give us some online scoreboards (or bragging boards, whatever) and generally be a bit of a centralised point for practical competition shooting in NZ.

Keen to get involved?

You will have a shooter profile created for you, and be added to the forums – it’s early days – but pop over, say hello, let’s get this thing moving! We will send you out updates about what is happening, registering is the easiest way to not miss out.