First Thoughts – Sabre Tactical Ammo Wallet

I have gone through all manner of ammo carry methods - MTM Boxes, TACPac Cases, differing wallets of folders - so when one of the Sabre Tactical Ammo Wallets turned up with a clients...


Matching twist rate and bullet weight in rifles.

The are many benefits to understanding and matching the twist rate of your barrel with the projectile weight you are using. Primarily, accuracy. This...

Safety Glasses for Shooting

While hearing protection is a no-brainer when shooting on a range, more and more places are also requiring eye-protection. What should you be looking for in safety glasses for shooting?

XLR Element Chassis – the Remington 700

What a difference! The rifle already shot well (by my standards) but simply changing the chassis over shrunk it significantly.

Shooting Units: The Grain

A grain, as a unit of measurement is equal to 64.79891 milligrams, or 0.06479891 grams. 16 grains is just under 1 gram. The unit originally comes the Bronze Age - where a grain of wheat or barley was considered a legal definition of mass.

Minox ZP5 5-25×56 THLR – First Thoughts

Just some quick thoughts on the scope.

How important is SD in ammunition?

Short version - it's not really going to matter to 800 meters or so. However, those folks going for the fabled 1k, 1-mile targets... very much so.

Some IFAK Options – specifically Trauma Kits

Oh, it's always nice to have options! I recently acquired a few more so thought a quick overview and some initial thoughts were in order. Pracmed...

What causes flyers?

We all know the feeling - you have just shot a string of touching holes and out of no-where - a flyer! A single solitary hole that decides to ruin all your hard work!

The Tikka TAC A1 – first impressions

The Ruger Precision Rifle's Sexy European Cousin.

The Triggernometry Show

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Rusty from Impact Dynamics

I have seriously enjoyed watching Rusty and his many projects grow and grow. From the Podcast to the huge amount of video content to...

Thomas Haugland – aka – THLR – aka – Norway

I have been following Thomas' work for a long, long time - in fact, I would have to credit a large part of my...

The Triggernometry Show – Troubleshooting

If you like what you are watching - we are live over on Facebook most Thursdays at 8:30pm - visit the Precision Shooter Facebook...

Andrew – Movie Armourer – Firearms Safety on Set

Also discussed: Cultural (and legal) differences that potentially lead to the recent eventWhich guns are real, which are fakeWhy CGI likely won't take over actual...

The Triggernometry Show – Ammo

There is a lot of information, misinformation and borderline confusion over ammo on the internet. In this video, we all try our best to...

The Triggernometry Show – Triggers

If you like what you are watching - we are live over on Facebook most Thursdays at 8:30pm - visit the Precision Shooter Facebook...

The Triggernometry Show – Reticles

Starting with the Plex Crosshair Reticle and working all the way through to the advanced systems that come with a particular way of shooting...

Part 2 – Dan Hardy discusses the Hybrid and Project X

Focusing on the history of the Hybrid and the future with Project X - Dan gets deep into the technical side of things, and...

Chris Way from Rifle Kraft

Feedback loops, data gathering, mindfulness behind the rifle, all these relatively new terms are really providing modern names for something that has always been...