Safety through education

Peltor Active In-Ear’s – EEP-100EU

I value my hearing. I also think it is important not to get totally closed off to your surroundings. So I have long liked...

The top seven things you can do to reduce your ES and SD.

With the rise in popularity of long (and medium for that matter) range shooting, so has developed a new language with new terms that get thrown around. ES and SD being two prime examples. So. What are ES and SD? How do they affect your shooting - and more importantly - how can I manage and reduce them?

An ‘aha’ moment during dryfire practice tonight.

The wonderful things about chassis rifles is that they are modular. My XLR Element is certainly a good example of this. I have changed...

Precision Rifle 101 – AAR

We held our first weekend-long shooting course at the weekend. And by all accounts, it was a great success. Three shooters (one collected from...

6mm Creedmoor Load Development – Part Two – Seating Depth

With the charge weight sorted, it was time to have a play with seating depth to see if we could finesse the load a little. The main consideration here was the smallest group size and seeing if I could reduce the SD any further. Ultimately though, remember, it's consistency over absolute smallest value.

6mm Creedmoor Dodgy Load Development – Part One

Now - let's be clear - I am not interested in taking 100 rounds to do load development - the less I can shoot to get 99% of the way - I am happy. I have long accepted that the last little increase in precision and the extra time and effort it takes is well lost within my shooting ability.

Ballistics Solutions on your wrist! TruFlite, running on the Garmin 5X Plus.

Shooting Solutions, on your wrist! I kind of dismissed the new Garmin Fenix with the Applied Ballistics Solution - why would I need yet another...

Stress testing – find out what breaks first!

You can spend all day shooting at a piece of paper, trying to get the smallest group and still not really learn much, apart from how statistics are a hell of a drug. Instead, can I suggest you start introducing some stressors that shake out where things can be improved and what you need to do to improve them.

The new barrel is on the rifle!

https://youtu.be/1fTU1h_ueEM I originally met the crew from Proof Research at the Sika Show. After hearing what I was up to, they offered to send down...

The Burris XTR III – a quick overview on a TAC A1

A Tasty Rig A client recently got me to set up a new target/gong/pest control rig for him. Naturally, I suggested a TAC A1 - having...


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