Ballistics Solutions on your wrist! TruFlite, running on the Garmin 5X Plus.

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Shooting Solutions, on your wrist!

I kind of dismissed the new Garmin Fenix with the Applied Ballistics Solution – why would I need yet another ballistics solver? However – I recently got a new Fenix 5X, and came across a free app, called TruFlite that actually covers off most of what I need.

It’s not a comprehensive application as Applied Ballistics on my phone, or Kestrel – but – for hunting distances – it gives me everything I need to quickly provide a shooting solution. There isn’t a chart – and of course, it can’t measure the wind for you – but it’s a simple case of entering in a wind value and it will calculate a solution.

Because the Fenix has pressure, elevation and (with the TempE running next to it) external temperature. More than enough inputs for a good solution.

You load in the BC (there is no inbuilt library), Velocity at the barrel, sight over bore, zero distance – and it’s done!

One thing I do really like, is that you can change the distance steps it will increase or decrease the range – I have it set to 25 meters – which will give me good enough brackets for my use.

For a free app, that gives me accurate data on my wrist, there really isn’t a lot to complain about!

Sure, you could have a chart built in, or multiple distances for shooting a stage – but – that will add complexity, and did I mention this app was free?

The app runs on most of the Garmin Watches – including my old Fenix 3 (though I never tried it on there).


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Kerry Adams
Kerry Adams
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