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PLEASE – read the update about this service under the ‘turnaround’ section down the page! Want some help setting up your rifle correctly? Zeroed and returned with confirmed drop charts, ready to go for your next hunt or day at the range!

  • Quick and no-fuss, We do the work
  • Action removed, oil removed, bedding and action screws checked and torqued correctly
  • Scope mounted, levelled, torqued to correct levels
  • Zeroed to within 1/2 MOA of point of aim.

Optional Ammo Testing

Normally, you would supply a box of ammo that we use as part of the setup, but, to get the most out of your firearm, we can test up to three ammo types in your firearm to find the best performing option, then set up the rifle for that ammo.

Every gun performs different, so the only way to confirm is actual testing.

Optional Laminated Drop Charts

We put together a series of three drop charts – stock, field, extended for your rifle. These provide elevation and windage data for your gun.

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Hey mate, thought you might like to know – Smoked a goat at exactly 500 metres in a 20k crosswind. Also, my mate dropped a fallow with a neck shot at 200m too. I had tested the day before at 100m with 3 shots right beside each other right under the bull, including the cold shot. Thanks again for the setup, it’s brilliant being able to trust your gun.



If you have a new rig it needs to be set up correctly. Even a bush rig needs to be correctly zeroed. In addition, for shooting out further, you need the data and information to inform you what to dial or hold in your scope to engage targets at distance. All things that go beyond what most stores are able to offer. The scope quickly mounted into the rings, bore zero… it’s really not enough to ensure that your new gun is operating at its best.

Let us take the hassle and uncertainty out of new firearm setups. We can set up, zero, confirm and help you get the most of your firearm.

The first thing we do is make sure the rifle is set up correctly - screws are tight, everything is as it should be. We pull the action out of the stock, remove any leftover packing/manufacturing oil (this would surprise you), check the bedding is all good and reassemble to correct torque settings.

Eye Relief

Eye relief is the distance from the eyepiece lens to your eye. And ultimately, it is true that this is best set up to your individual position and set up behind the rifle.

So. We are faced with a conundrum. Much like the person in the store can only set the rifle up as an approximation to themselves (and even then, many guys don't know what they are doing), I can only really set it up as optimised to me.

While this is less of a concern with lower magnification scopes, when we start talking about 25x things might need tweaking for you.

I will set them up to be optimised at max zoom in the prone position. This is where you are most likely to use it, and yes, it certainly changes from prone to standing. If you don't want me to do this, just let me know. If it is a hunting rifle, I will use a traditional position, if it's a long-range rig, I will use the more modern square behind the rifle position.

Ideally - you will get along to a course at some point and we can refine it just for you - or - alternatively, when you drop the rifle off, we can quickly ascertain it there and then.

Optional - Ammo Testing

There is no 'one size fits all' when it comes to ammunition choices for your firearm. The only way to confirm what it likes to shot best is to shoot it through your specific gun. Your ammo or ours.

We can supply the ammo - but if you have a preference for what we test - you can also supply it.

We take up to three types of ammunition from different manufactures and shoot it through your firearm. Recording the group size and speed, and then selecting the best performing and setting the firearm up for that.

Normally - we would utilise Hornady Precision Hunter, Sako Gamehead and Federal Power Shok. This depends a little on the purpose and chambering of the firearm, a competition rig would be more of the match orientated ammunition.

Optional - Drop Charts

Traditionally, you would need to shoot at a multitude of distances to gather D.O.P.E - data on previous engagements. These days, with a chronograph, ballistic calculator and a bit of know-how, we can speed the process up.

We chronograph the rifle through the Labradar, and generate a 'try' set of ballistic data. This takes into account the local environment and is tailored to your firearm.

Perfect for Leupold CDS Scopes (and others)

We chronograph firearms when making up charts. This gives you actual, real data based on your ammo and firearm.

If you are looking to get a Leupold CDS scope, please, please don't use the velocity on the box of ammo. You need to confirm the actual velocity coming out of your rifle setup, not the test rig the ammo manufacturer uses (26 inches, captive rest probably).

The data we will get from your rifle will ensure that the dial is properly calibrated for the rifle. We can even organise to get the dial made up for you.

Once the dial arrives, come for a visit and we can even fit it for you!


Report Card

After all the shooting is done, we generate a series of cards for the firearm system - providing shooting data including wind, angle and basic environmental changes.

Depending on the firearm systems intent, we will talk about a range vs. 'hunting' zero - how the Maximum Point Blank System works, and how that might work best for you.

We will provide the data in PDF format, as well as a lamited set ready to go.

See our drop chart creation service for details on what you get back.

The Logistics

Getting Us the Firearm

We are based in The Gardens, Auckland, and are able to accept rifles directly upon appointment (I am out and about at the range a bit).

If you are elsewhere in the country - no problem! Just get in touch. We might be able to sort something.


I have recently started working again 'full-time' during the week. This has regulated my range time to the weekends, and sadly, not every weekend either!

As a result my time has become a lot more limited, and, I like to also shoot and sort my own guns sometimes! So. This has resulted in two changes - firstly, turnaround is now around a month. This is because I am aiming to head out with client rifles at least once a month to shoot and set them up.

If you need a firearm done by a specific date - please get in touch with me before booking it in, and I can advise when I am next out.

Get Started

Getting underway is easy - just pop a setup (one per rifle) into the cart - check out and we will get in touch to organise the rest!


Don't send us a rifle you know isn't shooting right. If we can't figure out what is wrong with it relatively quickly, we will be sending it back, and still charging you. If there is an issue with the gun (or potentially one) - please get in touch first - we might be able to help. You might just need to give it a good clean first! 😉

Hey mate, thought you might like to know – Smoked a goat at exactly 500 metres in a 20k crosswind. Also, my mate dropped a fallow with a neck shot at 200m too. I had tested the day before at 100m with 3 shots right beside each other right under the bull, including the cold shot. Thanks again for the setup, it’s brilliant being able to trust your gun.



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