Further Thoughts on Progressive Presses

The lads discuss utilising a Progressive Press (mainly the Dillion 550) for precision rifle reloading. Considerations about powder throwersOrder of operationsHow Kerry has his set...

Precision Rifle ammo on a progressive press.

But why you might ask? Why might I want to use a progressive press, traditionally used for the bulk manufacture of pistol ammo for...

Overpressure with the 6mm

So, the initial load development went out the window when I created my first batch of rounds to fire and confirm. After shooting off...

The top seven things you can do to reduce your ES and SD.

With the rise in popularity of long (and medium for that matter) range shooting, so has developed a new language with new terms that get thrown around. ES and SD being two prime examples. So. What are ES and SD? How do they affect your shooting - and more importantly - how can I manage and reduce them?

6mm Creedmoor Load Development – Part Two – Seating Depth

With the charge weight sorted, it was time to have a play with seating depth to see if we could finesse the load a little. The main consideration here was the smallest group size and seeing if I could reduce the SD any further. Ultimately though, remember, it's consistency over absolute smallest value.

6mm Creedmoor Dodgy Load Development – Part One

Now - let's be clear - I am not interested in taking 100 rounds to do load development - the less I can shoot to get 99% of the way - I am happy. I have long accepted that the last little increase in precision and the extra time and effort it takes is well lost within my shooting ability.

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