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Around a year or so ago, a new challenge popped up on the internet - it quickly became known as the Kraft Challenge. I had a chat with Chris Way, the man behind the challenge and a man on a mission to bring more data-driven scientific method to shooting.

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Feedback loops, data gathering, mindfulness behind the rifle, all these relatively new terms are really providing modern names for something that has always been true. If you pay attention, have an intention, and train and shoot accordingly, you will improve.

What Chris is doing reminds me, in a way, of Thomas Hauglands THLR Proficiency challenge – another great test that humbles shooters but provides a real-world representation of this shooting ability.

Thomas’s test requires distance though, while Chris’s only needs 100m/y and provides you with a real-world baseline, irrespective of what position you shoot it from.

It also happens to be a fantastic 12 round drill for shooting.

A really, really productive day at the range with a box of ammo could be 3 rounds to confirm zero, 12 rounds for the challenge, focusing on a specific skill that you need to import on, then 3 rounds at the end, for well, whatever you want. Have some fun!

I realised we didn’t go deep into the test itself – but – for that – I suggest you just pop over to the Rifle Kraft site and read up for yourself –

As part of my upcoming prep for the Tarata Teams match – I am going to go through this test and see where we can improve in the limited time, with limited ammo. Realistically, a lot of this is going to be done with a 22LR – as projectiles for the 6mm Creedmoor are going to be limited. However – regardless, I strongly feel this is going to be a transferable skill – and will be checking in with Chris again after I have a couple of targets uploaded to Rifle Kraft. Stay tuned!

Oh. And sorry, not sorry.

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Kerry Adams
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