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This isn’t a MagnetoSpeed Chronograph Review

That will come later. Right now though, this is a quick overview of the additional Picatinny rail you can get for the system.

I knew right from the get-go that I was going to want a Chronograph that I could use for both the rifle(s) and the pistol(s) – talking to the Magnetospeed guys – I knew this adapter was in the pipeline so got the chrono, have been using it with the rifles for the past couple of months and recently received this adapter for it.

This adapter for the Magnetospeed Chronograph basically enables you to mount the Magnetospeed onto and rail system – rifle, pistol or otherwise. By its nature – the height of the system will mean clearance with the bore (so you don’t shoot the thing off) – but it pays to double check before squeezing off the first round.

There really isn’t a lot more to say about it – easy install, does the job as indicated, now starting to chrono the pistol, which is excellent, as due to my previous powder now being hard to get hold of, I have recently changed to AP70N and about to start developing a new load (or more correctly, ensuring I have power factor for IPSC competitions.

The chart below is actually the last of the old load – and a quick calculation would give me a power factor of 1341 using the average m/s and still being compliant even with the lowest speed of 322 m/s. It’s worth noting – that if you are competing at a high level, because there is bound to be some different between the measurements of different chronographs, it would pay to still confirm with a chronograph of the same model as what is the ‘official’ unit wherever it is that you are competing.

This is something I will look into follow-up up with a later post. But for now, it confirms I am over by a safe percentage – enough for my current shooting aspirations.

The adapter is easy to use, you simply take off the strap, screw in a small block that works with the profile of a picatinny rail and clip and clamp it on. I had it on and off with a matter of seconds.


Kerry Adams
Kerry Adams
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