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Want some help setting up your rifle correctly?

Zeroed and returned with confirmed drop charts, ready to go for your next hunt or day at the range!

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Shops can only do the minimum when it comes to setting up your new firearm. There is only so much you can do in-store.

Scope quickly mounted into the rings, bore zero… it’s really not enough to ensure that your new gun is operating at it’s best.

Let us take the hassle and uncertainty out of new firearm setups. We can set up, zero, confirm and help you get the most of your firearm.

Setup & Zero

The first thing we do is make sure the rifle is set up correctly – screws are tight, everything is as it should be.
Then – we zero the rifle.

D.O.P.E. and Drop

Traditionally, you would need to shoot at a multitude of distances to gather D.O.P.E – data on previous engagements. These days, with a chronograph, ballistic calculator and a bit of know-how, we can speed the process up.

We chronograph the rifle through the Labradar, and generate a ‘try’ set of ballistic data. This takes into account local environmentals and is tailored to your firearm.

Confirm to Distance

Nothing beats shooting to distance to confirm your try data. So once the rifle is zeroed and shooting, we turn around and shoot out over the field steel range.
From our main firing point, we can stretch out to 550 meters on targets than, while humbling, represent actual target sizes for hunting. Understand how far you should be shooting, while gathering data on your firearm. If the weather plays nice, we will confirm to 700 meters.

Report Card

Compact Card

After all the shooting is done, we generate a series of cards for the firearm system – providing shooting data including wind, angle and basic environmental changes.
Depending on the firearm systems intent, we will talk about a range vs. ‘hunting’ zero – how the Maximum Point Blank System works, and how what you work best for you.

We will provide the data in PDF format, ready to print and laminate, or, if you want, we can also print, laminate and courier a set out to you.

See our drop chart creation service for details on what you get back.

The Logistics

Getting Us the Firearm

We are based in The Gardens, Auckland, and are able to accept rifles directly upon appointment (I am out and about at the range a bit). Alternatively, you can drop it off to one of your local gun stores (Gun City Ellerslie, Gun City North Shore, Serious Shooters), pay for it while you are there and I collect, set up and return it back. Failing all of that, get in touch, and we may be able to organise a pickup and delivery back to your local gun store, no matter where you are in the country.


Generally, I am out at least once a week. Depending on when you drop the firearm off, you are normally going to be looking at around two weeks to get the firearm tested, reports done and sent back to you. If you have a tight timeframe, please get in touch and discuss.

Hey mate, thought you might like to know…

Smoked a goat at exactly 500 metres in a 20k crosswind. Also, my mate dropped a fallow with a neck shot at 200m too.
I had tested the day before at 100m with 3 shots right beside each other right under the bull, including the cold shot.
Thanks again for the setup, it’s brilliant being able to trust your gun.

– Vern

Get Started

Getting underway is easy – just pop a setup (one per rifle) into the cart – check out and we will get in touch to organise the rest!

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