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By now, you have likely heard of weaponized math. Marc Taylor wrote this article outlining a system he formalised that gives a simple way of developing some try data for any rifle: https://www.snipershide.com/precision-rifle/predictable-weaponized-math-and-x-factor-voodoo/ Essentially, it's a constant that you can apply...
I caught up with him for a chat about Sparrowhawk - the range he runs, as well as shooting in general, and Wallabies in the South Island!
I caught up with Greg from Custom Guns for a chat about a new build - we talk about all the choices in a 'semi' custom gun, Remington blueprinting, barrel lengths and more in a chat full of excellent advice.
I spoke to a few people about my upcoming interview, and the general response I got was ‘oh… who?’. Fair enough, I guess, this is a little bit of a tangential subject for me, as most people know me from talking specifically, and technically about long-range precision shooting.
Yes. Tactical shorts. Shorts that are tactical. The UF Pro P-40 TACTICAL SHORTS. :D