Do I have to register?

Nope. But if you do – you can choose your own nickname, access the private forums and quite a bit more as we go on. So, I would suggest you do. 😉

How do I register?

Click over there to the right where it says login, put in your details and you are away.

Do I need to use my real name?

No. Just use a nickname. Privacy is up to you. 😉

For username – make something up either funny or random.

When you register, we will require your real name and some details – but these won’t be publically available.

How does the series scoring work?

Essentially, for each competition, the winner gets 100 series points, and the rest are spread ‘proportionally’ over the other shooters based on scoring. Place higher, more points. Then your top three series points over however many shoots you compete in is used for the aggregate ranking.

We could make it more complex if you want, but it’s meant to be a fun sport, so just chill and enjoy the shooting.