PRS Events in NZ

While there is ‘technically’ no PRS (being a specific organisation of shooting events) in NZ, there are more and more ‘PRS like’ shooting events popping up around the country.

In both centrefire and rimfire flavours PRS events in NZ are growing alongside the field shoot events that have been around for a few years now.

NZ PRS Events

I have put together a calendar of events in NZ. These are a combination of Field Shooting, PRS Style and Hunter Style shooting events. They are all equal amounts of fun!

Some have a more practical flavour, some about shooting a long long way, some hunting, some pure sport… check them out.

From beginners, through to regular competitors – these PRS Style events are a great way to get some practical, relevant training that you can directly apply to your hunting and target shooting. Everyone is keen to help each other out – so even if you are new to shooting – get along as its a great way to learn and improve yours skills. You don’t need an expensive rig or the latest and greatest calibre. Just get along and have some fun!

PRS Events NZ, PRS Events in NZ

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