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Precision Shooter Tracking Test ‘Tall Target’

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To get the most out of your shooting system at range, it’s important to confirm the actual tracking of your specific scope and adjust in your ballistics calculator for the minute variations that exist from scope to scope.

This target is designed to aid in that process.

The purchase is for the rights to print out as many copies of the supplied, print-ready PDF file the targets as you like for your own personal use. Please do not pass on the file or print the target for others to use. The purchase or these files directly supports the many projects we are up to, and we do appreciate the support!

If you can think of any improvements we could make – just get in touch. Happy to help where we can and sent you out the updated files!

Click to purchase and you will get sent a link to the file to download, which will also become available to download here as well.



This is a set of targets calibrated for MIL or MOA at 100 meters.

This digital file is designed to be printed (we have used Warehouse Stationaries Duraprint in the past) with no scaling – this is imperative!

There is two versions of MIL and MOA – one inverted.

Which one you use depends on whether you want to put the scope into a ransom rest type situation and not actually shoot at the target, or, if you prefer to actually dial and shoot the target.

If you are using a ransom rest and not shooting, use the version that starts at the top. As you dial, the reticle will move down.

If you plan on shooting the target, use the more ‘standard’ orientation and your projectile will land higher as you dial out.

The target has two elements two it – the ‘tall target’ test – where you can check that the dials on your scope match real-world measurements, and account for that in your ballistic software (how they account for this differs) as well as a ‘box’ test. Start on the main aim point, then dial left, up, right, down and back to the centre. This is a good way to check the scope dials repeatably and accurately. Do a couple of rounds and check you end up where you started!


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