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Drop Chart Creation


Keen to get some drop charts made up for your rifle, but not sure where to start? Provide us with the information and we will send back some ready to go, nicely formated drop charts specific to your ammunition.

  • PDF format ready to print and go, or, we print them for you!



Sure, there are plenty of places you can pop online and download a free ballistic chart that will approximate your drop at distance – but some can be hard to navigate and make sense of, and most don’t have a particularly nice layout when it comes to printing.

An Easy Solution

Just send us all the data you have on the load for your firearm and let us do the rest.

Using a combination of Cold Bore and Applied Ballistic software, we develop, format and return a custom set of drop charts optimised for hunting and long-range shooting.

Basic Chart

The Basic Chart is a simple sheet that provides drop (MILS/MOA) and wind (MS/FPS) data for your firearm out to 750 meters (or yards).

Stock Card

A small tab sizes card designed to be stuck onto the side of the stock of your rifle. Goes out to 500 meters (or yards) and also includes basic angle information.

Compact Card

The compact card goes out to 500 meters (or yards) and provides wind, slope, speed and time of flight information.


The Logistics

MILS or MOA? MS or MPH? What?

You are able to stipulate some of the parameters we return the charts in.

Let us know if your scope is in MILS or MOA (if you don’t know, it’s likely MOA) and if you think in imperial or metric (or a combination). If you are unsure what it all means – then just ask.


Generally, I am able to turn the charts around within the week.

Hey mate, thought you might like to know…

Smoked a goat at exactly 500 metres in a 20k crosswind. Also, my mate dropped a fallow with a neck shot at 200m too.
I had tested the day before at 100m with 3 shots right beside each other right under the bull, including the cold shot.
Thanks again for the setup, it’s brilliant being able to trust your gun.

– Vern

Get Started

Getting underway is easy – just pop a set up into the cart – check out. You will get a form to fill out that will provide your preferences for the setup, as well as your rifle and load data – we do the rest!


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