Tac-Pac Ammo Storage Boxes


These ammo boxes are perfect for storing your reloads in an organised manner, or, reboxing out of the paper mache containers they come in.

For those wanting to carry around 100 rounds (i.e. field comp shooters) – these are a much easier and more packable way of doing it than 50 or 100 round MTM cases – which is why I got them in the first place.

These come in lots of ten containers.

Review from Geoff at the Gun Rack over here – http://www.gunrack.co.nz/product-review-tac-pac-ammo-storage-boxes/

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The TAC-PAC® clear ammunition box was designed for the discerning ammunition manufacturer or reloader. Made of thermoformed plastic and durable enough to be reused, the plastic is also 100% recyclable (check your local recycling centre for guidelines) and will last years under normal conditions, which makes for less waste in the landfills.

Most ammunition boxes you see in the store today are simple paperboard with a plastic or foam insert. The insert likely can’t be recycled, and reusing the box itself becomes impractical because of the thin, porous material.

If the box gets wet or dirty, it is most likely ruined (and sometimes rendered unrecyclable – check local guidelines), whereas the TAC-PAC® case can be wiped off and is good to go.

The durability and clarity of the TAC-PAC® case also make it unnecessary to transfer ammunition from a paperboard box to a separate plastic ammunition case for storage.

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