How do you setup a rifle in a ballistic calculator?

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Well, isn’t that a catchy title!

In this video, I use ARMA 3 – a half game, half military simulator to show how you go from having no data, through to a setup and confirmed ballistic calculator.

Confirming zero, getting basic velocity data, BC, sight over bore height, atmospherics and more.

While we are using a virtual Kestrel and Ballistic Calculator in the demo, it translates directly into your system. We even use the BC off the sierra website for our initial setup!

Kerry Adams
Kerry Adams
A constant learner with an inquisitive mind, Kerry created The Bloke as a way to share what he was learning from the community of experts he found himself surrounded by. Precision Shooter and GunSafe soon followed. Somewhere along the line, he picked up one or two things himself. But don't call him an expert.

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