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Hunter Education – The Roar Weekender

2 April 2021 @ 7:00 pm 4 April 2021 @ 3:00 pm

The roar is coming. Whether it’s your first, or your fifteenth, here is the perfect opportunity to learn and relearn the basics of shooting, hunting and animal processing. It’s the perfect weekend getaway to hone your skills, and of course, get a hunt in!

No. It’s not all common sense.

A weekend getaway with some structured learning wrapped around it. The course will cover Hunting Tips and Techniques, Skinning and Gutting, Meat care and basic butchery, rifle setup and shooting and gear selection and use.

Not everyone has friends and family around them that can show them the right way to get into hunting. Even then, some of the suggestions and advice out there is outdated or even flat out wrong.

Get set off in the right direction with some knowledge passed on by some specialists in their field. Understand your kit better, understand how to use it better, understand hunting better.

All provided in the context of a hunting weekend!

Weekend Structure

Understand what you need, what you don’t

Gear, gear, gear…

The first night is a chance to meet everyone and have a good chat about gear.

Hunting isn’t just about the rifle and shooting an animal. You need to get to your hunting spot, potentially stay at your (remote) hunting spot, and generally just exist remain fairly comfortable while out there.

It’s a bit show and tell and a bit educational. Subjects include:

  • Lightweight vs. Comfort – shelter options
  • Food options – cooking, carrying, water management
  • Hunting equipment – the rifle, and the rest
  • Animal processing gear – pre and post hunting
  • Anything else you have an interest in

Kerry has been running thebloke.co.nz for many years and has bought, tried and sold more gear than he cares to admit.

Want to rough it?

The reality is, not everyone grew up in the outdoors.

If you haven’t been camping much, especially away from a vehicle – the prospect can be a little daunting.

This course is a great opportunity to test out and sort out your shelter options – from a tarp to a tent, bivvy bag and even a hammock – if you are interested – you are more than welcome to ditch the hut and rough it in the field!

Once you have done it once or twice, things quickly fall into place in regards to what to do, how to set things up.

Learn how to field dress an animal

While it’s all well and good shooting an animal, do you know what to do with it once it is on the deck?

We have been doing animal processing courses for years – and Richard from Balnagown has a clean, quick and efficient method for skinning and gutting out animals.

First thing in the morning, we will drop an animal to practice on. We then take you through, step by step and show you the hows and whys.

Along the way we talk knives and equipment that helps the process, as well as looking after the meat after it’s all cut up and sorted.

Get that rifle sorted!

We specialise in setting up rifles and shooters.

The Saturday afternoon is spent ensuring your rifle is set up as well as it can be – confirming zero, honing your shooting skills and having a bit of practice to distance and in odd positions – because not all shooting is done on your stomach!

We can help develop some ballistic data – and have steel to practice on out to 550 meters. Get more confident in your shooting and your setup.

Navigation basics

Kerry has been lost and found more than once in the bush and has a few tips and tricks to pass on.

While we don’t have time to put on a full blown navigation course (that’s coming!) we will spend the evening having a look at map reading and navigation basics – compass use, GPS and App use as well.

And a bit of fun!

It’s not all serious work, of course.

Sunday features a bit of a ‘steel safari’ – walking the property to shoot an array of targets and hunting distances in situations design to provide a similar enviroment you could expect out while hunting.

Its a great opportunity to put some of your new skills into practice and get the shooting really honed in before you need to test it on an actual animal. There might be a wager or two in place as well!

Get a hunt in while you are here.

Balnagown Hunting, is, after all, a hunting block.

There will be plenty of time to fit in a hunt. Ticket price includes a good-sized meat/management animal. If you are interested in going for one of the big boys in the form of a Trophy Hunt – just let use know and we can talk about options.

Have a look at the Balnagown website to see what is available.


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Hunter Education – The Roar Weekender
Includes lodging, meals, training and a meat hunt.
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What do I need to bring?

Rifle, scope, ammo. At least two boxes. The aim would be to confirm the rifle with the minimum amount of rounds and keep enough for the steel.

All meals are catered for – including dinners, breakfast and lunch. I like to eat well, so you will too.

Suitable clothing (sun, drizzle), water and snacks are also a good idea.

Bring a sleeping bag, and your favourite pillow – if you have one!

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to have a chilli bin in the vehicle. You will be going home with some meat. We can section it down if you want, or, can even organise to get it to the local home kill butcher to process for you.

I have a box of tools on me most the time, testing equipment and the rest. If in doubt – get in touch!

Don’t have a suitable firearm? Don’t worry. We have plenty. Just get in touch and let us know what you need.

Can I bring my son/daughter/mate?

Of course. There is no ‘kids’ discount -and regardless, the individual needs to be of appropiate size to safety handle a firearm – but feel free to get in touch. You are more than welcome to share rifles/equipment.

That date doesn’t suit – could you do it on…

Possibly. If you have a couple of folks keen to come along we can certainly look to put on a separate event for you. Again – just get in touch and let us know what you are thinking of.

Got another question?

Ask away.

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