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Look online and you see all manner of fancy data cards - strapped to wrists, the side of guns, you can even get a digital system from Kestrel the talks to your unit and updates wind calls in real-time!

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I get it. I used to even sell the fancy velcro on data cards for your wrist. I also have around 3 wrist coaches in the range bag. But. What do I find myself using most these days? Good old duct tape!

But not just any duct tape. No. White duck tape – because then you can write on it!

There it is. Cat’s out of the bag!

What you then need to do is figure out where to put it. You have a few options.

But. Why?

Essentially, the dope cards are used as a quick reference when it comes to shooting. They really come into their own when you have multiple targets at multiple ranges.

Sure – you could just try to remember the data – but trust – when the timer goes off – your memory is going out the window.

So – having a quick reference handy is a good way to admin part of your work. Get in position – quick check on the required dial for distance, dial or hold, shoot. Reorientate to the new target, rinse and repeat.

Peel it, stick it.

Depending on what rig I am shooting, depends a little on where the tape goes.

On my chassis rigs – I can sometimes put it right on top of the stock near where the folding adapter is. That is basically under my nose – the perfect place to quickly reference without having to move my head.

Alternatively, the top of the diopter (rear part) of the scope can also work – though sometimes I find I need to lift the head a bit to read the paper.

Finally, the forearm can also work – you need to decide if you want it on your trigger hand or support hand though. Seems to be a bit personal preference – but I tend to put it on my trigger hand – the one that will be coming off the rifle to do the scope adjustment. Have a play before heading out shooting and see what works best for you.

What data do I put on there?

Again – up to you – I would suggest you try the minimum you can get away with – otherwise, you are forcing your eye and brain to reference and interpret data while there is a pile of other things going on.

Do you really need the range to target? Could you just get away with a letter designating the target (maybe related to the order you plan on shooting the targets?) and then the required elevation to hit. That’s often all I need.

But what about wind?

Yes. You could put a pile of data on there about wind. Though, unless the wind is constant enough that you can commit to the wind call required while writing it down, you might be better learning your quick wind number and using that instead. Especially if you have a gun that lines up nicely with ‘average wind’ in that environment.

Kerry Adams
Kerry Adams
A constant learner with an inquisitive mind, Kerry created The Bloke as a way to share what he was learning from the community of experts he found himself surrounded by. Precision Shooter and GunSafe soon followed. Somewhere along the line, he picked up one or two things himself. But don't call him an expert.

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