An ‘aha’ moment during dryfire practice tonight.

I try to do some regular dryfire practise - it's the best way to get comfortable behind the rifle, sort your trigger press and basically iron out some fundamentals. Tonight though, I also realised something I should have figured out a couple of years ago.

The wonderful things about chassis rifles is that they are modular. My XLR Element is certainly a good example of this. I have changed the cheek riser height, and also canted the buttstock. This allows me to get the rifle more median, into my centreline.

While shooting tonight, I was pondering something that has been bugging me.

As I have tried to remove angles from my shooting – including the trigger finger (#90degreesoftriggercontrol) I have been snuggling my hand up and choking the pistol grip as much as possible. This get the trigger finger lined up so I am pressing directly backwards and not slight down. However, this also means the back of my thumb is pushing into the protrusion for the folding stock mechanism. Tonight, it dawned on me, to check if I could actually switch the side the mechanism sat on.

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