A chat with Chuck Rossi from Open Source Defence

I spoke to a few people about my upcoming interview, and the general response I got was ‘oh… who?’. Fair enough, I guess, this is a little bit of a tangential subject for me, as most people know me from talking specifically, and technically about long-range precision shooting.

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Good question.

There are a couple of subjects I have actively avoided – or – more correctly – address tangentially with links and articles on the social media pages. Ironically, social media itself is one of them, and the other is politics. Both of which Chuck, and his organisation, Open Source Defence are, in their own, unique way, very involved in.

So, who is Chuck Rossi? Well, even if you don’t know the name, you likely know at least one of the companies he worked for – in fact, you probably got here via it – I am talking about that website that has changed the world and its population forever – and that is Facebook.

Chuck was a lead engineer at Facebook for many, many years, and the man is a wealth of knowledge (should you be interested) concerning that side of things as well. However, ‘our’ interest is a bit more specific. As time went on, changes at Facebook started to create issues based around Regulated Goods – which, of course, includes firearms.

Chuck is/was/has always been an avid shooter – IPSC Pistol mainly being his current sport of choice. He is also an avid supporter of the 2A in America. Working at Facebook, he saw some issues and inconsistencies forming around how firearms-related things were being handled, and put his hand up to help out. Soon, he became the official subject matter expert at Facebook for all things Firearms.

I need to shut up more

This was a great chat, but in editing it, I realised I spoke as much, maybe even slightly more than he did. This is in part because I tend to form my questions into broader statements. I feel they often need some framing and context to get across what I am asking (and likely, if honest, leading into question wise) – but also, these are subjects that I have a keen interest in, but don’t get to talk about much publically. So, I apologise, both to Chuck and the listener, but well, I think what both of us were saying is essential to be heard.

Trigger Warning

Also, I am aware that this interview is going to lose me a few followers. Which I find sad, not because I will miss you, but because that is precisely the issue I am trying to highlight. Listen, and you will hopefully understand.

Get in touch

Chuck and the whole of OSD are very keen to hear from you – and I strongly suggest you jump onto their newsletter as well. It is an excellent update of ‘non-culture’ firearms content – and it is one of the emails I do look forward to receiving regularly.

Open Source Defence

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